The current website has launched as a blog about computer software. We review popular PC applications for people to learn before they download and use them. Often we try to provide good tips and tutorials how to use different programs. The blog focuses on applications that run on Microsoft Windows system. Though the number of users of Mac and Linux are growing fast, Windows has remained the most used operating system to this day. We may open a separate category for other platforms at later times. For now, feel free to read and learn from the experience of the team. Members of this site write about computer programs they have used and therefore provide useful knowledge to our readers.

There are actually lots of different sources around the web that offer content about these topics. We try to keep our niche of the site, and that is most used PC software there is. will grow thanks to our user base and readers. If the content on this site is useful to others, it gives our writers the motivation they need to provide with new materials.

People who are not that tech savvy often make mistakes already while installing new software on their PCs. This can be different occasions, for example when the install file is bundled with adware or even malware. Nowadays popular web browsers already have the scan built in, so it will warn users when downloading bad files. Then there are different settings available during the installation process and in the end there’s always the question how to adapt some particular application the best way. For example, for Microsoft Excel we should probably start a whole separate section on the site to give all tutorials using this software needs. Still, we start with basic stuff and move on to more advanced options.